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Agriculture and Soils Department Scientist/Engineer Profile

Dr. Suresh. Kumar

Name : Dr. Suresh. Kumar
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SG & Group Head
Phone : 0135-2524140
Email : suresh_kumar[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Soil Survey, Land Evaluation, Watershed Management

Dr. N. R. Patel

Name : Dr. N. R. Patel
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SG
Phone : 0135-2524138
Email : nrpatel[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Agro-meteorology, Crop Inventory

Dr. Dipanwita Haldar

Name : Dr. Dipanwita Haldar
Designation : Sci- SF
Phone : 0135-2524378
Email : dipanwita[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Agriculture

Mr. Justin George K

Name : Mr. Justin George K
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SD
Phone : 0135-2524139
Email : justin[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Soil Resource Inventory, Land Degradation, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Soils.

Mr. Abhishek Danodia

Name : Mr. Abhishek Danodia
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SD
Phone : 0135-2524141
Email : abhidanodia[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Agrometeorology, Agricultural Physics

Mr. dinesh

Name : Mr. Dinesh Amola
Designation : Senior Technical Assistant- A
Phone : 0135-2524150
Email : dinesh[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Chemical Engineering

Junior Research Fellow
Abhinav Verma

Name : Abhinav Verma
Project : NISAR-Crop monitoring and biophysical parameter studies using combined S and L band data
Joining Date : 10/12/2018
Email : abhinavverma[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise: :Geoinformatics, Microwave Remote Sensing,and Crop monitoring

Shweta Pokhariyal

Name : Shweta Pokhariyal
Project : Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Flux (National Carbon Project)
Joining Date : 07/12/2018
Email : shwetapokhariyal[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

 atin majumder

Name : Atin Majumder
Project : Use of Multi-frequency polarimetric SAR data for retrieval of crop biophysical parameters and soil moisture under variety of agricultural heterogeneities
Joining Date : 11/12/2018
Email : atinmajumder[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise: : Microwave Remote Sensing for Land application