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Geosciences Department

Dr. R. S. Chatterjee

Name : Dr. R. S. Chatterjee
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- 'G' & Head,Geoscience Department
Email: gsd[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone: 0135-2524156
Field of Expertise Microwave and Thermal Remote Sensing Applications in Geosciences & Geo-environmental Studies, Interferometric & Differential Interferometric SAR Data Analysis & Applications, Precambrian Tectonics and Active Tectonics,Groundwater Depletion and Mining induced Land Subsidence Measurement & Modelling

Dr. Shovan Lal Chattoraj

Name : Dr. Shovan Lal Chattoraj
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SF
Field of Expertise Spectroscopy and Mineral Exploration, Engineering Geology and Landslide Modeling, Sedimentary Geochemistry.

Dr. Pratima Pandey

Name : Dr. Pratima Pandey
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SE
Field of Expertise Glaciology

Ms. Richa Upadhyay

Name : Ms. Richa Upadhyay
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SE
Field of Expertise Hyperspectral Image Analysis, Engg. Geology

Suresh Kannaujiya Name : Suresh Kannaujiya
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SD
Field of Expertise Geodynamics, Geophysical prospecting, Remote Sensing.

Dr. Mamta Chauhan

Name : Dr. Mamta Chauhan
Designation : Scientist/Engineer - SD
Field of Expertise : Planetary Geology, Igneous Petrology and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Technical Staff

Mr. Amit Shrivastava

Name : Amit Shrivastava
Designation :Scientific Assistant
Field of Expertise :