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Marine & Atmospheric Sciences Department Scientist/Engineer Profile

Dr. D. Mitra

Name : Dr. D. Mitra
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SG & Group Head,MASD
Phone : 0135- 2524181
Email : mitra[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Coastal Processes, Land-Ocean Interaction

Dr. A. K. Mishra

Name : Dr. A. K. Mishra
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SG
Phone : 0135-2524182
Email : mishra[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Satellite Oceanography, Ocean - Atmosphere Interaction

Dr. Yogesh Kant

Name : Dr. Yogesh Kant
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SF
Phone : 0135-2524180
Email : yogesh[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Land surface processes, urban thermal environment, aerosol characterization

Dr. Shuchita Srivastava

Name : Dr. Shuchita Srivastava
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SE
Phone : 0135-2524185
Email : shuchita[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics

Dr. Charu Singh

Name : Dr. Charu Singh
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SE
Phone : 0135-2524183
Email : charu[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Atmospheric Physics and Dynamics, Satellite Meteorology

Ms. Pooja Jindal

Name : Ms. Pooja Jindal
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SD
Phone : 0135-2524184
Email : pooja_j[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Field of Expertise Atmospheric Physics; Ozone Retrieval

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Name : Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SD
Phone : 0135-2524228
Email : sksingh[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Tropical Cyclone, Data Assimilation, Numerical Weather Prediction