Minakshi Kumar

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Designation Scientist/Engineer - SG & Head Academics
Field of Expertise Image Processing and Remote sensing
Phone +91-135-2524118
Email headacademics[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in, minakshi[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Mail Address Institute of Remote Sensing ISRO, Govt. of India 4, Kalidas Road, Dehradun- 248001 India.
  • Digital Image Processing Applications
  • Object Oriented Classification
  • Texture Analysis
  • Feature Extraction
  • Life member of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing.
  • Life member of Indian National Cartographic Association
  • M.Tech (Remote Sensing and GIS) Andhra University, Vishakapatnam 2003
  • P.G.Diploma in RS & GIS (Centre for Space science and Technology Applications (Affiliated to United Nations)) 2000
  • P.G. Diploma in “Integrated Map and Geoinformation Production (International Institute of Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC), Enschede, The Netherlands) 1996
  • P.G. Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations (Recognised by U.P Govt. ) 1992
  • Bachelor of Engineering ( Computer) Shivaji University , Kolhapur 1989
  • Head , Computer Department ,O.N.G.C Mahila Polytechnic , DehraDun (1.2.1990 - 7.11.1992 )
  • Scientist/Engineer, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (NRSC) , Dehradun (9.11.1992 to till date)
  • 1st Rank Holder in P.G. Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
  • Top Rank Holder in P.G.Diploma in RS & GIS (Centre for Space science and Technology Applications (Affiliated to United Nations))
  • Tiwari, P.S., Pande, H., Kumar, M. Dadhwal V.K, Potential of IRS P-6 LISS IV for agriculture field boundary delineation. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, Vol. 3, 033528 (2009); DOI:10.1117/1.3133306 ,Published 22 April 2009
  • Pande Hina, Tiwari Poonam, Kumar Minakshi, Dadhwal V.K, Assessment of Boundary Delineation of Agricultural Fields in Multispectral Satellite Images ( Under Review at Geocarto International)
  • Joshi P.K , Kumar Minakshi , Agrawal D. (2004) Geospatial Network Analysis for Path Optimisation in solid waste management- a case study of Haridwar ( India) , Photonirvachak , Journal of Indian society of Remote Sensing Vo 32, No.4, 2004 pp 387- 392.
  • Minakshi Kumar, Sokhi B.S (2004) Geoinformatics and High Resolution Satellite Data for Micro Level Solid Waste Management : Case Study : Dehradun, ITPI Journal Vol.1 No. 4 (2004) pp 47-59.
  • Remote Sensing : Book published by National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi for Level 2 Students
  • Chapter on Introduction to Digital Image Processing for Urban Applications in the Book RS and GIS applications in Urban and Regional Planning, IIRS Publication.
  • Chapter on Geospatial Analysis for Municipal Landfill site selection, in the book RS and GIS applications in Urban and Regional Planning, IIRS Publication.
  • Chapter on Digital Image Processing of satellite data in the Workshop proceeding published by World Metrological Organization.
  • Kumar Minakshi, Tiwari P.S., Pande. H, & Dadhwal V.K. 2009 , A semi-automatic segmentation approach procedure for agriculture field boundary extraction in remotely sensed imagery, ISRS Nagpur 2009
  • Kumar Minakshi & Shrivastava N. 2009 . Multiresolution Segmentation And Classification Based Building Extraction Using Merged CARTOSAT And LISS IV Data, ISRS Nagpur 2009
  • Kumar Minakshi, Tiwari Poonam S. & Pande Hina, 2009 Integrating Texture Parameters In Fuzzy Rule Base Classification For Land use Land Cover Mapping, ISG Geomatics February 4- 6, 2009
  • Kumar Minakshi, 2009 Cartographic potential of CARTOSAT-1 imagery for updating large scale guide map: A case study of Dehradun , Uttarakhand , India ,ISG Geomatics February 4-6, 2009
  • Htoon T. Khaing M.M, & Kumar Minakshi 2009, Spatial Pattern Analysis from High Resolution Data Using Spatial and Spectral Properties, ASIMMOD 2009 January 22-23, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Kumar Minakshi, A. Harinda Lakmal And A.M.K.B. Abeysinghe 2008, Expert Classification Based Land Use / Land Cover Change Detection: A Case Study Of Dehradun, India (ORAL presentation) in Asian Conference on Remote Sensing ACRS 2008 Srilanka, November 10-14, 2008
  • Kumar Minakshi, Tiwari Poonam S. & Pande Hina 2008, Krishi Bhumi Nishkarshan hetu Gathan Gundharam ka vastu vinirdisht vargikaran me samakalan. Oral presentation Hindi Workshop on Sudoor Samvedan ke Unnat Aayam, November 11, 2008 at IIRS Dehardun
  • Raju P.L.N., Dadhwal V.K, Verma M., Jeganathan C., Kumar M. & Kumar A, 2008 .Indian experiences for university capacity building in Geoinformatics using EDUSAT satellite. XXI Congress 3-11 July 2008, Beijing China
  • Kumar M., Pande H. and Tiwari P.S 2008, Improvement of Traditional Parametric Classification using Texture and Knowledge Base Classification ISG Geomatics 2008,Bhopal February 2008
  • Agrawal S, Kumar Minakshi and Govil S.K,2006 Population density estimation from satellite imagery : An integrated approach using spatial, spectral and surface properties . (ISPRS- GOA , 2006)
  • Govil S.K, Kumar Minakshi 2005, Accuracy evaluation of Different rectification methods for aerial photographs, Map India, New Delhi 2005
  • Mondal, S., Kumar Minakshi et. al, 2004 . Land use / Land cover assessment and its spatio-temporal dynamics using multi-temporal satellite images in the southern parts of lower Garhwal Himalayas, Proc. National Seminar on ‘Role of Geoinformatics in decentralized planning for better governance’, Dept. Of Remote Sensing, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, from October 7-8, 2004
  • Kumar Minakshi 2003, Image Processing Techniques : A Remote Sensing Perspective , IETE Golden Jubilee Zonal Symposium, 28 May 2003, DEAL,Dehradun
  • Akmanchi, Anand & Kumar, Minakshi 2003, Visualisation of Fire Incidents using, ‘Map Animation’, in Arcview and development of Fire Emergency Management Information System for Central Pune City, Map India 2003, 28-31 January , New Delhi
  • Roy P.S. & Kumar Minakshi, Cartographic History and Education, XXII INCA International Congress, October 30- November 1, 2002, Ahmedabad
  • Kumar Minakshi, & Govil S.K 2002 Image fusion and spatial feature classification of high-resolution imagery for urban housing extraction, ISPRS TC-VII and ISRS Symposium, December 3-6, 2002 at Hyderabad
  • Kumar Minakshi Et. 2002 Al Extraction of large-scale urban infrastructure information using visual interpretation of high-resolution IKONOS data ISPRS TC-VII and ISRS Symposium ,December 3-6, 2002 at Hyderabad
  • Kumar Minakshi, B.S. Sokhi, 2002 Site Suitability analysis for municipal landfill site selection: A RS and GIS approach, Govt. of Uttaranchal State level workshop on Solid Waste Management Systems, December 24, 2002 Dehradun
  • Bhagra K.C & Kumar Minakshi 1999. Cadastral Survey Conventional To Modern Mapping GPS, Photogrammtery, Photomaps AndG IS Approach ( A Pilot Study ) Inca International Congress October 99 NHO, Goa
  • Kumar Minakshi & Govil S.K 1999 Changing trends in Geoinformation Production: Traditional Mapping to Virtual maps. GEOINFORMATICS BEYOND 2000 March 99 , IIRS Dehradun
  • Govil S.K. & Kumar Minakshi 1999 Digital Rectification of Aerial Photographs : GEOINFORMATICS BEYOND 2000 March 99 , IIRS Dehradun
  • Kumar Minakshi & Govil S.K 1997 . Cartographic Visualization : A Computer Assisted Approach presented in XVII International INCA Congress Nov 12-15, 1997 Chandigarh
  • Kumar Minakshi & Govil S.K 1997 Digitisation of Color Thematic Maps : An Automated Approach ISRS National Symposium on Remote Sensing for Natural Resources with special emphasis on Infrastructure Development 26-28 Nov 1997 at NRSA Hyderabad
  • Kumar Minakshi 1997 Site Suitability and Accessibility Analysis for Sustainable Development accepted for presentation in the ISPRS workshop on Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Development Nov 24- 25 , 1997 at NRSA , Hyderabad
  • Kumar Minakshi 1996 GIS analysis and Visualization : Recreational Site Suitability and networking analysis - 12 Dec. 1996 Presented at ITC Enschede , under P.G./Diploma IGP3 1996
  • Subramaniam, Kumar Suresh, Kumar Minakshi 1994 Estimation of Degraded Lands using Digital Techniques Published in 8th International Soil Conservation Conference. Dec. 4-8, 1994
  • CONTACT Newsletter Twice a Year
  • Assessment of Texture Parameters for Field Boundary Extraction using High Resolution Data 2009
  • IIRS Annual Activity Report 2007-2008
  • IIRS Annual Activity Report 2006-2007
  • IIRS Annual Activity Report 2005-2006
  • Solid Waste Management in Dehradun City: A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach 2003
  • Report on Site Suitability Analysis for Municipal Solid Waste Disposal : A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach 2000
  • Editor of CONTACT Newsletter
  • Member of INCA Executive Council Dehradun
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