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Capacity Building in remote sensing & geospatial technologies and its applications through training, education and research in Southeast Asia is the main objective of IIRS. Academics & RESPOND Division supports the above mandated objective of IIRS by taking care of the academic & sponsored research (RESPOND) activities of IIRS. The Academic activities include Admissions, Results and Students’ Affairs for all regular courses (M.Tech. , P.G. Diploma , MSc-Geinformatics, P.G. Diploma in Geoinformatics, NNRMS, C-RS, S-RS, ITEC) and PhD programmes, such as advertisement of courses, support to selection procedure, preparation of priority list, offer to candidates, operating wait list & seat conversion approvals, course conversions & related issues, fee matters, issue of letters, Communication with Collaborator Universities and organisations, Students’ Registration Documents Verification, Preparation of grade cards, mark register, Issue of various certificates, transcripts, Verification of Students’ credentials, and various fellowships. Sponsored Research activities at IIRS are carried out under various umbrellas including, RESPOND, Space Technology Cells (STC), Regional Academic Centres for Space (RAC-S), Space Technology Incubation Centres (S-TIC), YUKTI Sanchita, Atal Tinkering Labs. The main objective of the sponsored research programme of ISRO at IIRS is to establish strong links with premiere academic institutions in the country to carry out research and developmental projects which are of relevance to IIRS & and derive useful outputs of such R&D to support IIRS programmes. Please refer to for more details on ISRO-Sponsored Research programmes

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