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Disaster Management Studies

Dr. Arijit Roy

Name : Dr. Arijit Roy
Designation : Scientist SG & Head
Email: dms[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone: 0135-2524370
Field of Expertise : Ecological Modeling, Fire Ecology, Image Processing and Remote Sensing, GIS

C.M. Bhatt

Name : Mr. C.M. Bhatt
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SF
Field of Expertise : Flood Hazard Studies

Mr. Hari Shankar

Name : Mr. Hari Shankar
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SE
Field of Expertise Digital and Communication Electronics, GIS Transportation, Geostatistics

Yateesh Ketholia

Name : Yateesh Ketholia
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SD
Field of Expertise : Mining and Petroleum Geology, Exploration Geology, Geophysical Prospecting, GNSS