Satellite Telemetry of Jacobin cuckoo using SARAL ALTIKA under IBIN Project

The recent advancements in satellite based tagging technology provide an ability to track species with an effort to study about their migration patterns. The solar powered Platform Transmitter Terminal (PTT) was deployed on two Pied Cuckoos, named “Megh” and “Chatak”, also known as Harbinger of Indian monsoon season. Such tracking effort used SARAL ALTIKA under IBIN project in collaboration between the two Dehradun based institutes – the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS-ISRO) and the Wildlife Institute of India (WII). The extant resident of Pied Cuckoo is southern Africa and this bird reaches to India for breeding during summer, by flying over the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Though catching cuckoo is not an easy task due to its notorious behaviour but experts completed this tagging carefully in WII campus with the permission of Uttarakhand State Forest Department. This will be used for studying and analysing their migration routes, stop-over sites, their response in different climatic variation and links with arrival of Indian monsoon season.

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