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PPEG - Programme Planning, Budget Planning and Evaluation Group

The Programme Planning and Evaluation Group (PPEG) coordinates the training, education and capacity building, human resources development, budget, hostel, library, placement, etc. activities of the institute. It also coordinates the inter-centre activities and liaison with other institutions in the country and abroad. It is also responsible for initiating and coordinating several other techno-managerial activities of the Institute.

Dr. Hari Shankar Srivastava

Name : Dr. Hari Shankar Srivastava
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SG Group Head, PPEG
Phone : 0135-2524109
Email : harishanker_srivastava[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Microwave Remote Sensing for Land Apllication

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Dr. Vandita Srivastava

Name : Dr. Vandita Srivastava
Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SF
Phone : 0135-2524191
Email : vandita[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise Image Information Extraction and Geo-Statistics

Dr. Puneet Swaroop

Name : Dr. Puneet Swaroop

Designation : Scientist/Engineer- SF Head, Budget Planning and Monitoring Department

Email : punitswarup[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4107

Ms Swati Swaroop

Name : Dr. Swati Swaroop

Designation : Sci/Engr "SD "

Email : swati[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4108



Designation : Administrative Officer Academics

Email : keshav_u[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4351

Mr. Aniruddha Ajay Deshmukh

Name : Mr. Aniruddha Ajay Deshmukh
Designation : Sr. Scientific Assistant
Phone : 0135-2524009
Email : aniruddha[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Field of Expertise GIS & Remote Sensing Applications

 Smt. Swarn Lata

Name : Smt. Swarn Lata

Designation : Personal secretary to GH PPEG

Email : slata[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4105

Shri Om Prakash

Name : Shri Om Prakash

Designation : Senior Assistant

Email : om[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4349

Arun Kumar Sardsar

Name : Arun Kumar Sardar

Designation : I/C Library

Email : aks[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4201

Ram Naresh Arun

Name : Ram Naresh Arun

Designation : Sci./Engr.-SC

Email :

Phone : +91-135-252-4202

I Srinivasa Raju

Name : I Srinivasa Raju

Designation : Library Asst.-B

Email : isr[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in

Phone : +91-135-252-4200