Virtual IIRS Academia Meet (VIAM) - 2021

आभासी आई.आई.आर.एस. शिक्षा-जगत सम्मेलन (वी॰आइ॰ए॰एम॰) - 2021

Technological trends in Capacity Building for Disaster Management Support
16 March, 2021

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) is a constituent Unit of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space (DoS), Govt. of India (GoI). The training and education programmes of the Institute are designed to meet the requirements of professionals at various working levels, fresh graduates, researchers, academia, and decision makers. About 40 courses are conducted every year and 12,428 professionals and students have been trained/ educated so far. IIRS also organises on-demand tailor-made short courses.

To widen its outreach, IIRS has started live and interactive distance learning programme (DLP) since 2007. As on date, 1040+ Universities/ Colleges and other organizations are networked with IIRS and about 1.18 Lakh participants have attended various basic and advanced courses conducted so far. IIRS has also launched e-learning courses on Remote Sensing and Geo-information Science since August, 2014. E-learning content for various Remote Sensing and GIS applications are developed and will be launched soon.

The Institute has a strong, multi-disciplinary and solution-oriented research agenda that focuses on developing improved methods/ techniques for processing, visualization and dissemination of EO data & geo-information for various societal applications and better understanding of the Earth's system processes. Data processing and their applications of emerging remote sensing sensors (such as microwave, hyperspectral, lidar and high-resolution sensors) are presently the main research focus. The state-of-art laboratory and field-based instrumentation and observatories network help meeting the research goals and objectives.

IIRS hosts headquarters of Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP), affiliated to the United Nations and provides support in conducting the Remote Sensing and GIS training & education programmes.

Objectives of the Meet

To remain in the forefront for capacity building in Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics and their applications, constant dialogue with the users/stakeholders is of paramount importance. Realising this, IIRS has been organising Academia Meet (earlier called as IIRS User Interaction Meet) in its campus at Dehradun every year since 2013.

This year, considering the COVID pandemic situation, Virtual IIRS Academia Meet (VIAM)–2021 is being organized on March 16, 2021. The theme of VIAM–2021 is “Technological Trends in capacity Building for Disaster management Support.” The main objectives are following:

  • Synergise the EO and geospatial technology applications driven knowledge transfer among Government institutions, Academia and Industry for Disaster Management,
  • Appraise the user ministries/stakeholder departments and geospatial community on emerging remote sensing technologies and their applications vis-à-vis role of IIRS in capacity building and research,
  • Understand and explore new opportunities with user organisations in government, non-government and private sectors on the capacity building requirements, and
  • Interface with geospatial industry on the current and future requirements and explore the placement opportunities for IIRS students and collaborative research.

Technical Programme

The programme includes deliberations on emerging trends in capacity building with specific reference to disaster management using space technology, information available from space-based systems, requirements of stakeholder departments, and challenges and opportunities in this field. Senior officials from different centres of ISRO, user organisations, academic institutions and industry will be sharing the information and their experiences with the participants.

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There is no registration fee. Government (including autonomous bodies and public sector undertakings) officials, university/ college teachers, researchers, postgraduate students, professionals in NGOs and geospatial industry can register online through IIRS website ( by March 13, 2021. Maximum number of participation is 5000. Registration will be done on first-come and first serve basis.

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For further details, please contact

Director, IIRS Indian Institute of Remote Sensing Indian Space Research Organisation Department of Space, Government of India 4, Kalidash Road, Dehradun-248001, INDIA Email: iam[at]iirs[dot].gov[dot]in