Dr. Akhil kumar Mishra

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Designation Scientist/Engineer- SG
Department Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Department
Field of Expertise Ocean Colour Remote Sensing, Thermal Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Depth
Mail Address Indian Institute of Remote Sensing ISRO, Govt. of India 4, Kalidas Road, Dehradun- 248001 India.
  • Developed Bio-Optical algorithm to retrieve Chlorophyll and Suspended Sediments using under water optical measurements in case-2 waters
  • Developed a relationship between the ratio of backscattering to absorption coefficient (bb/a) and Subsurface Reflectance ( R ) for case-2 waters
  • Developed a methodology for accurate determination of subsurface reflectance from satellite measured radiance
  • Developed Atmospheric correction models for IRS & Landsat-5(TM).
  • Developed Algorithms to Retrieve subsurface Chlorophyll & Suspended Sediment Concentration using Landsat-5(TM) and IRS-LISS spectral bands for case-2 waters
  • Developed an Algorithm to retrieve Aerosol Optical Thickness from NOAA AVHRR data
  • Implemented Chlorophyll and Suspended Sediment Retrieval algorithm from NOAA AVHRR data
  • Implemented Non-Spectral Uniform Biomass model to Estimate Oceanic Primary Productivity
  • Developed a program to retrieve Temperature from Landsat-5 Band-6 data
  • Developed Atmospheric Correction Algorithm and Suspended Retrieval Algorithm for IRS-1C WiFS Sensor
  • Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth from IRS-P4 OCM sensor
  • Determination of EVI from IRS-P4 OCM sensor
  • Atmospheric correction to IRS-P4 OCM sensor and retrieval of normalized water leaving radiance
  • Determination of Bottom reflectance using IRS-P6 LISS-IV sensor using analytical algorithm in the lagoon waters
  • Ph.D. - (Marine Science)
  • 1994 Scientist - National Remote Sensing Center, ISRO, DOS

Reviewer of the following Journals

  • International Journal of Earth Observation and Geoinformation (Elsevier)
  • Journal of Coastal Research
  • Journal of Earth System Sciences (Springer)
  • Journal of Indian Society of remote Sensing (Springer)
  • Atmospheric of Environment (Elsevier)
  • Aerosol and Air Quality Research


  • International Journal of Remote Sensing
  • Journal of Coastal Research
  • Current Science
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  • Salim M., Mishra A.K. and Kant Y, 2014, Estimation of IPAR and Direct Forcing of Aerosol over Dehradun and Surrounding Area (India) Using MODIS Derived Atmospheric Products: A Case Study, Journal of Indian Soc Remote Sens, DOI 10.1007/s12524-014-0383-7
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  • Retrieval of Marine Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) using IRS-P4 (OCM) Sensor Data
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