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Special Training Program for University Postgraduate Teachers
(ISRO/DOS – NNRMS Sponsored Program)

The National Natural Resources Management System (NNRMS), a national level inter-agency system set-up in 1983 and chaired by the Member, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, steers the EO programme in the country. The nine Standing Committees on Agriculture & Soils, Bio-Resources, Cartography & Mapping, Geology & Mineral Resources, Ocean & Meteorology, Rural Development, Training & Technology, Urban development, Water Resources chaired by the Secretaries of the concerned Ministries of the Govt. of India, provide vital inputs on the requirements of space, ground and user segment. Capacity building (CB) of human resource is recognized as a critical element to strengthen not only the organization/ institutions but even the people at grassroots level by spreading awareness about the power of GlS in spatial planning. There is a large gap between demand and availability of trained human resource, who can beneficially utilize the geospatial information. Such trained and educated human resource is needed both as the provider and user of GI. This is vital for sustainable development so that informed decision making can be done at all levels. Further, with the advancements of technology and newer systems and data coming through current and future EO missions, the CB requirement is also growing. NNRMS Standing Committee on Training (SC-T) addresses this particular issue and provides overall direction and guidance for capacity development in the country so that the benefits of the space technology reach the society at large. The twelfth Five Year Plan (FYP) document (, released on 21 December 2012, also emphasizes that development of human and institutional capabilities and infrastructure are of paramount importance for faster, more inclusive and sustainable growth of the country.The Institute is playing a significant role in conducting the ISRO-NNRMS sponsored training programmes for university faculty member. The programme is of 8 weeks duration and is offered in eight specializations in technology and application domains. The main objective of this programme is to train the university/ college teachers in RS & GIS technology and applications, so that they can further teach students in their universities colleges. Every year 50 to 65 faculty members from different universities (and its affiliated colleges) get trained at IIRS every year. An important outcome of this programme is that many of the faculty member who have undergone the training at IIRS have started RS & GIS courses in their universities/ colleges. So far, IIRS has trained 1138 faculty members in this programme.

Courses offered for university faculty covering all major disciplines are as follows:

  • GIS Technology and Advances
  • Geocomputation and Visualization in Web Platforms
  • Satellite Image Analysis & Photogrammetry
  • RS & GIS Applications in Agriculture & Soils
  • RS & GIS Applications in Forest Resources & Ecosystem Analysis
  • RS and GIS in Geosciences
  • RS and GIS in Water Resources
  • RS and GIS in Urban and Regional Planning
  • RS & GIS in Coastal and Ocean Sciences
  • Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management (NHDRM)

Eligibility Criteria for the Course:

  • Regular/Permanent faculty members (teachers) of UGC/AICTE approved universities and their affiliated colleges, nominated by Vice Chancellor/ Principal/ Registrar/ Dean
  • Regular/Permanent faculty members/Scientists/Engineers/ Officers, nominated by the competent authority of the Central/ State Govt. organisations/ institutions. Such candidates will be considered in case seats remain vacant; further, preference will be given to those working as faculty member in training institutes.
  • Temporary/ Ad hoc faculty members/Scientists/Engineers can apply as self-financed candidates and will be considered in case seats remain vacant. The application of such candidates should be forwarded by the competent authority of the institution concerned.
  • Applications not appropriately forwarded/ nominated will be treated as self-financed candidate.
  • JRF/SRF/ PhD Scholars will be considered as self-financed candidate and the seats will be offered if they remain vacant.
All the above said courses are scheduled during the summer period, not to clash with regular academic sessions and to enable the teaching faculty member of universities/ institutions/ colleges to participate in these programs. IIRS is entrusted with the responsibility of capacity building of university faculty member by NNRMS since beginning and initiated way back in 1996, starting two programs i.e. 1) RS and GIS in Urban and Regional Planning and 2) RS and GIS in Forestry/ Botany/ Ecology/ Environment. All other eight courses are added in due course of time to take care of all major disciplines.

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