Data Center and IT Infrastructure

IIRS is having state-of-art computer laboratories and IT infrastructure with advanced computation resources and services. The each department is having its own computer labs with desktop PCs and workstations for basic computation requirements. The software licenses, computer networking, internet bandwidth and other high end computation requirements are addressed through centralized data center. The computer network and systems are configured in latest secure network environment with 10G campus network. The multiple layer of Firewall is configured for WAN and LAN user management. The firewall security for IIRS network has been configured as dual layer security. The entire network is managed by industry standard NMS.

High Performance Computing Cluster

IIRS has setup high performance computing cluster for computation intensive scientific studies. The HPC cluster is being used for large scale simulation for different climatic, geospatial and image processing computation. The scientists, researchers and trainees are using the HPC cluster for their R&D projects. Currently Institute is having following configurations under cluster computing:

  • 2 Master Node HA Mode
  • 6 Compute Node : [email protected]
  • 2 GPU Node K20
  • 40 TB usable Storage
  • Networking InfiniBand 40Gbps QDR

Internet Bandwidth

IIRS has dedicated (1:1) internet leased line connection. The details are as follows:

  • PGCIL: 100 Mbps
  • NKN 100Mbps

Network Switches and Networking

The Network at IIRS consists of core switches and access switches. A two tier architecture has been implemented for the switches. The advantages of a two tier architecture are as follows:

  • Lesser hops
  • Faster traffic movement
  • Better user experience
  • Lesser equipment to configure & manage
  • 10G links on all access switches
  • Solution taking care of future requirement for next at least 5-7 years
  • All same type access switches results in easy maintenance & spare

Networking Cabling

Structured network cabling has been implemented at IIRS and it is a mix of UTP Cat 6 and OFC. All the cables from department level switch to the individual computer in a department are UTP CAT-6 whereas the connectivity from backbone switch to the department level switch is through OFC in active-active mode(i.e. OFCs from two core switches one from each to all the access switches). The OFC within a building is 12 core multimode (preferred for short distances) whereas all outdoor OFC is 12 core single mode (preferred for long distances).

Radius Server

Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) management for users who connect and use a network service. RADIUS is a client/server protocol that runs in the application layer, using UDP as transport. The Remote Access Server, the Virtual Private Network server, the Network switch with port-based authentication, and the Network Access Server (NAS), are all gateways that control access to the network, and all have a RADIUS client component that communicates with the RADIUS server.

Network Monitoring System (NMS)

An enterprise-level Network Monitoring System (NMS) has been deployed in the IIRS network to manage and monitor network activities from the server room (Figure 6). The task performed by the NMS are as follows:

  1. Centralized configuration of the network.
  2. Monitoring the network flow and activities.
  3. Maintaining the log of all the activities of the network.
  4. Generating different kind of reports.
  5. Tracking the network devices.

Email Servers:

The email solution at IIRS is an enterprises level solution which is also configured in active-active mode as primary and secondary servers.

Unified Storage (NAS and SAN)

The institute also has enterprise level network storage solution. It is a unified storage, can be configured as both SAN and NAS. Currently the total usable space is 60 TB.

Tape Library

IIRS is having Tape library for backup and storage of critical data. The systematic backup is at place wherein all important information is archived in tapes.

Web Applications:

IIRS is hosting six (06) web applications in public domain. The details of the web applications is as following:

Table- Websites/Portals hosted at IIRS for public access

S. No Application Domain Discipline
1 IIRS Website Institutional
2 CSSTEAP Website Institutional
3 e-learning Website and LMS Institutional
4 Biodiversity Information System (BIS) Project
5 Indian Bio-resource Information Network (IBIN) Project
6 IIRS Live Server Live streaming server

Software License Management:

IIRS has sufficient number of licenses most of the enterprise level RS & GIS and Data Analysis software to meet the requirement of various course participants. In addition to the enterprise level software, open and freeware software are being used extensively in training and R&D activities.

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