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Photogrammetry and Remote sensing Department, established in 1966 is one of the oldest departments of the institute imparting professional training in the field of photogrammetry, cartography, remote sensing, and image processing to varied course participants: university teachers, academicians, govt. officials, and freshly graduated students. Initially it started with aerial data interpretation, analysis and aerial photogrammetry with a gradual transition to satellite data interpretation, analysis, satellite photogrammetry and its applications. The training programmes are regularly updated by incorporating the state of art technology.

Regular Courses:

  • Basic and Advanced Modules on Photogrametry, RS and DIP in M.Sc. Programmes
  • M. Tech. in RS & GIS with specialization “Satellite image processing and Photogrammetry” (2 years programme)
  • Short course on Digital Image Processing sponsored by Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC), Ministry of External Affairs (8 weeks Certificate course)
  • Short course on Geo-informatics sponsored by ITEC, Ministry of External Affairs (8 weeks Certificate course)
  • Digital cartography & Mapping course for university teachers under NNMRS (8 weeks course)
  • PG diploma in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (10 months program)
  • PG. Diploma in Advanced RS and GIS for participants from Asia Pacific region sponsored by Centre for Space and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (CSSTEAP), United Nations (9 months program)

Special Courses:

  • Large Scale mapping using High Resolution data
  • UAV Remote Sensing and Its Application
  • Lidar Remote Sensing and Its Application
  • Hyperspectral Remote sensing
  • Microwave Remote Sensing and its Application

The potential thrust areas of the department are advanced image processing using Hyperspectral, Microwave, LiDAR, Multispectral, Multi-temporal and High Resolution data, Satellite, terrestrial photogrammetry, GPS and Lidar for topographic information extraction and 3D modelling. Geometric and radiometric (atmospheric) corrections of satellite data. Sensor calibration and time series image analysis

The department has carried out various user projects:

  • Preparation of large scale map photomaps for MP State Govt., Saharanpur, and Patna city,
  • Identifying GPS location for new sugar factory establishment.

The department is participating in various ISRO funded projects such as:

  • Biome level classification (IGBP),
  • Generation of National level database on Land use / Land cover (NRR),
  • Generation of Land surface parameters for Monsoon variability studies using Regional Climate Model (IGBP), and
  • International projects Global Land cover mapping project using Spot-4 Vegetation (VGT) data TREES II, Augmentation of Forest cover information in India and Myanmar TREES
  • Developed and open source tool “TRIVIM” for georeferenced 3D Street view generation using close range photogrammetry technology

Current Research areas

  • Polarimetric SAR studies for modeling and information extraction
    • Polarimetric modeling for Lunar surface characterization
    • PolSAR modeling for biophysical parameter retrieval
    • Hybrid polarimetric modeling using RISAT-1 data
  • Terrestrial Feature Extraction for Natural Resources Management using
    • Satellite Photogrammetry & Close range Photogrammetry
    • Large scale mapping/mobile mapping
    • LiDAR
  • Automatic Feature Extraction
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
  • Advanced Image Classification and Analysis
    • Object Oriented Image Analysis
    • Image Segmentation, Textures Analysis
  • SAR data calibration
  • Low altitude platform Remote sensing

Project under L&S band Airborne SAR Research Announcement (RA), NISAR Mission;

  • Polarimetric SAR calibration of L- and S-band PolSAR data for scattering information retrieval of Manmade and Natural Features
  • Dark Spot Detection for Characterization of Marine Surface Slicks using PolSAR Remote Sensing
  • Generation and Validation of DEMs and feature extraction using SAR & Radargrammetry data from L&S BAND AIRBORNE SAR
  • Snow physical parameter retrieval and glacier dynamics study using L and S band Air-SAR data and assimilation in snow/glacier models
  • Potential of dual frequency polarimetry SAR images to understand the effect of drainage congestion due to road network on the flood inundation in the Kosi fan
  • Utilization of dual frequency polarimetric SAR data for scattering based sub-surface geological and linear feature characterization
  • Implementation of Evolutionary Computing Algorithm for polarimetric SAR data processing and classification
  • Forest classification and biophysical parameter retrieval using multi-frequency PolSAR techniques

Project under AVIRIS-NG

  • Hyperspectral Data Processing

EOAM, TDP and In-house Research

  • Synergistic utilization of earth observation data for Automatic Retrieval system and monitoring of water, vegetation and built up area at variable scales (EOAM)(2014-17): developed a framework for water and urban feature extraction at variable resolution
  • Precise Terrain Parameter estimation from low altitude platforms (EOAM)(2014-17): Developed a framework for processing UAV stereo data for terrain mapping, development of open source package for processing of UAV acquired photographs, GPS and IMU data
  • Developing a Fuzzy Similarity System based on Image Transforms and Textures for feature identification (TDP): Image transforms and GLCM texture parameters based image segmentation improves the extraction accuracy for urban features. Performance analysis of segmentation algorithms carried out over urban scenario.
  • Multi-baseline PolInSAR Tomography for Forest Vegetation and Urban Structures (TDP): Signal compression algorithms were implemented on multibaseline C-band RADARSAT-2 and X-band TerraSAR and TanDEM X data to retrieve vertical profile of forest vegetation.
  • Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Studies Over Land from Indian Satellite Datasets (TDP) Implementation of a physically based approximate model SMART (Simple Model for Atmospheric Radiative Transfer) in Multiple scattering approximation, Sensitivity w.r.t. land surface albedo, asymmetry parameter and single scattering albedo, Algorithm development for image based AOD retrieval
  • Information Extraction using Microwave and hyperspectral image (TDP): Evaluated the potential of polarimetric parameters for metallic feature extraction and integrating with hyperspectral data for enhanced land cover classification.
  • Urban Feature Extraction From Multi Source Satellite Imagery (TDP)
  • Aerosol Optical Properties Variability Using Satellite Data(In-house Research)
  • TRIVIM: An open source freeware application for 3D Model Generation (In-house Research): An open source freeware application, made available to public through IIRS website. Enables utilization of any camera type, including smart phones as a measurement device even by non- experts in geospatial technology(In house Research)
  • Simulation of Hyperspectral Data from Multispectral Data Using Spectral Reconstruction Approach (In-house research): Hyperspectral bands are simulated from EO-1 ALI multispectral data using spectral reconstruction approach which is a sensor independent technique and the simulated hyperspectral bands have shown very high correlation with the EO-1 Hyperion bands. (In house Research)
  • Ultra High Resolution Image Processing and Classification (In house Research)
  • Vehicle Crush Measurement using Terrestrial Photogrammetry In-house Research): demonstration of technology for damage assessment due to road accidents
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