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indian institute of remote sensing

Indian Space Research Organisation

ISO 9001:2008


Organisation Structure

Considering the imminent need towards focused efforts in Training and Education for efficient utilization of the ISRO's forthcoming advanced Earth Observation Systems, IIRS has been given the status of a Unit of ISRO with effect from 30th April, 2011. It is headed by the Director who reports to Chairman, ISRO/ Secretary, Department of Space. The overall activities of the Institute are guided by a Management Council, while the academic programmes are guided by the Academic Council and Board of Studies. Dean (Academics) is responsible for implementation of academic programmes.

The technical area of the Institute is organised in three Groups

  1. Geospatial Technology and Outreach Programme
  2. Earth Resources and System Studies, and
  3. Geosciences and Disaster Management Studies

Geospatial Technology and Outreach Programme Group consists of three Departments

  1. Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing,
  2. Geoinformatics, and
  3. Geoweb services, IT & Distance Learning

The Earth Resources and System Studies Group consists of five Departments

  1. Agriculture & Soils,
  2. Forestry & Ecology,
  3. Marine & Atmospheric Sciences,
  4. Urban & Regional Studies, and
  5. Water Resources.

The Geosciences and Disaster Management Studies Group consists of two Departments

  1. Geosciences & Geohazards, and
  2. Disaster Management Sciences.

The Programme Planning & Evaluation Group

provides support to overall functioning of the academic programmes and Institute's activities, including Admissions, Students' Affairs, Budget, HRD, Library.

The Construction & Maintenance Division

is responsible for operations, upkeep and maintenance of existing facilities like civil, public health, air-conditioning, electrical etc., in IIRS campus including all office buildings, hostels and residential colonies.

The Personnel & General Administration Area

takes care of various activities related to Administration, Accounts, and Purchase & Stores.

A highly motivated and dedicated team of about 60 multidisciplinary scientists and engineers contribute towards realising the Institute's objectives.