In-house Laboratories

Digital Image Processing, Photogrammetry & GIS Labs

The Departments of the Institute are equipped with state-of-art computing facility and input/output devices to meet various photogrammetric, remote sensing and GIS data processing requirements. The Institute's servers host a variety of RS & GIS softwares, such as ERDAS Imagine, Geomatica, Geomedia, IDRISI Taiga, ENVI, Definiens (Ecognition), SARMAP, ArcGIS, ArcView, ISRO's IGiS, and several other open source softwares which are shared across the computer network. The Institute also has a dedicated digital photogrammetry lab equipped with high-end photogrammetric workstations and softwares for processing satellite, aerial and terrestrial stereo photos/images for DEM generation and 3-D feature extraction.

Internet and intranet facility is available across the network in the campus. Sharing of all the technical information related to various education, training and research programmes, including the technical outputs of the students' research, is enabled through internet.

Visual Image Analysis Labs

Each Department of the Institute has a visual analysis lab equipped with various instruments, such as mirror stereoscopes, pocket stereoscopes, parallax bars, light tables etc. for 3-D visualization, feature extraction and object height determination.

Soil & Water Analysis Lab

The centralised facility for physical and chemical analysis of soil and water is housed in Soil & Water Analysis Lab. This laboratory is equipped with basic facilities and certain state-of-art high-precision instruments for meeting requirements of various research, education & training and operational programmes of the institute.

Some of the facilities available in this laboratory are – Ion Chromatograph, CHNS Analyser, TOC Analyser (equipped with Total Nitrogen Unit, Solid Sample Module and Autosampler), Flame Photometer, Calcimeter, Millipore Water Filtration Kit, Millipore Water Purification System, pH & EC meters, High precision electronic balances, Muffle Furnace, etc.

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