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Field Instrumentation

Field Instrumentation IIRS houses a wide range of equipments for measuring and monitoring physical, chemical and environmental parameters in the field. These include – Spectroradiometer (ASD field-portable FieldSpec Pro, operating in 350-2500 nm), Close-range photogrammetric cameras, Differential (geodetic) and hand-held Global Positioning Systems, Mobile GPS, Electronic leveling instrument, Infrared radiation thermometers, Multi-parameter Water Quality Instrument (TROLL 9500, for water quality parameters such as pH, DO, NO3-, NH4+, salinity in freshwater, wastewater and marine water environments), Double-ring infiltrometers, Digital Plant Canopy Imagers/Analysers, CI-340 hand-held Photosynthesis system, LP80 PAR / LAI Ceptometers, Portable soil respiration system, Heat ratio sapflow meter, Tree caliper, Telerelascope, Hypsometer, Pentaprism, Theta Probe, Porometer (type AP4), Snow density meter, Current meter, etc.