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Indian Institute of Remote Sensing is a premier educational, training and research institution of ISRO in the field of Remote Sensing & Geoinformatics. With its restructuring as an independent unit under ISRO, IIRS needs to be guided by experts for its academic programmes. The IIRS Management Council has advised to constitute a Board of Studies (BoS) at par with other educational and training institutions. The BoS will have following Teams of Reference(TOR):

  • Look into the existing course content and suggest revisions in the course curricula based on the latest developments in the technology and applications in RS & GIS and suggest new courses in line with individual/ministerial requirements.
  • Assess the contents of lecture materials, practical & tutorial exercises and suggest suitable revisions; and
  • Analyze the effectiveness of teaching methods, conduct of examinations and student's feedback of the course.


1. Dr. Pramod Kumar
Dean (Academics)

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, Dehradun


S.No Name Designation Address
2. Dr. R.D. Garg Professor IIT, Roorkee
3. Dr. C. Jeganathan Prof. & Dean BIT, Mesra
4. Dr. P.K. Joshi Professor JNU, New Delhi
5. Dr. Rama Rao Nidamanuri Prof. & Head 11ST, Thiruvananthapuram
6. Dr. Shantanu Rastogi Professor DOU Gorakhpur University
7. Dr. Som Sharma Professor PRL, Ahmedabad
8. Dr. Mehul R. Pandya GD SAC, Ahmedabad
9. Dr. P.V. Nagamani Head, BOD/CSG/ECSA NRSC, Hyderabad
10. Representative of Andhra University Member Andhra University
11. Mr. Vijay Kumar ESRI India, New Delhi
12. Smt. Shefali Agrawal GD, GTOPG IIRS, Dehradun
13. Dr. R.S. Chatterjee GD, GDMS IIRS, Dehradun
14. Dr. Debashish Mitra GD, MASG IIRS, Dehradun
15. Dr. Suresh Kumar GH, AFEG IIRS, Dehradun
16. Dr. Hari Shanker GH, PPEG IIRS, Dehradun


17. Dr. Praveen K. Thakur
Course Director(M.Tech/PGD)

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, Dehradun

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