Dr. Dipanwita Haldar

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Designation Scientist/Engineer - SF
Department Agriculture and soils
Field of Expertise Agriculture
Mail Address IIRS Campus, ISRO, Govt. of India 4, Kalidas Road, Dehradun- 248001 India.

Field of Specialization

  • SAR Agricultural remote sensing Biophysical characterisation using SAR data
  • Life member of ISRS, ISG, Indian society of Agrophysics
  • BSc (Ag) ( BCKV,Mohanpur)-1997-2001
  • MSc Agricultural Physics( IARI, New Delhi)-2003
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Physics( IARI, New Delhi)- 2007
  • 2006 to 2018 March (SAC, ISRO)
  • 2018 March onwards(IIRS, ISRO)
  • All India ICAR JRF 2001
  • CSIR-UGC fellowship in 2003 in Earth Sciences,
  • National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by ASRB, ICAR in 2004
  • IARI Merit Medal for Ph.D.(2007)
  • ISG Young Scientist 2014
  • INSA-DFG fellowship in 2015 (short term Post doc fellowship)
  • Reviewer in International Journal of Remote Sensing
  • Reviewer in IEEE JSTARS
  • Reviewer in journal of Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing
  • Reviewer in journal of Ecology and Environment
  • Reviewer in Advances in Space Research
  • Evaluation of full-polarimetric parameters for vegetation monitoring in rabi (winter) season. The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences. 2018. Elsevier. Dipanwita Haldar, Rucha Dave, Viral A. Dave ,
  • Assessment of paddy performance under BGREI initiative using RISAT SAR data. Dipanwita Haldar and R.S. Gopalan. Paddy and Water Environment, 2017,  10.1007/s10333-017-0589-8 October 2017, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 761–771
  • Cotton Crop Biophysical Parameter Study Using Hybrid/Compact Polarimetric RISAT-1 SAR Data Viral A. Dave, Dipanwita Haldar, Rucha Dave, Arundhati Misra, and Vyas Pandey. Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 57, 185–196, 2017
  • Evaluation of Hybrid Polarimetric Decomposition Techniques for Winter Crop Discrimination. Sanid Chirakkal, Dipanwita Haldar, and Arundhati Misra. Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 55, 73–84, 2017
  • Crop monitoring and classification using multitemporal polarimetric SAR (RISAT-1) data for cotton and groundnut crops of Gujarat. Rucha Dave, Dipanwita Haldar, Viral Dave, K. R. Manjunath and Vyas Pandey. Journal of Agrometeorology . Vol.19, October, 2017. Pg, 171-178.
  • Time Series analysis of co-Polarization Phase Difference (PPD) for winter field crops using Polarimetric C-band SAR data. Dipanwita Haldar, Pooja Rana, Manoj Yadav, R.S.Hooda,  Manab Chakraborty. International Journal of Remote Sensing.37:16, 3753-3770, DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2016.1204024. 2016.
  • Remote sensing-based assessment of impact of Phailin cyclone  on rice in Odisha, India. Dipanwita Haldar, Rahul Nigam, C. Patnaik, Sujay Dutta, Bimal Bhattacharya. Paddy and Water Environment. 2016 10.1007/s10333-015-0514-y
  • Temporal monitoring of SAR polarimetric parameters and scattering mechanisms for major kharif crops and surrounding land use. Bindi P. Shastri, Dipanwita Haldar, Shiv Mohan. Aug. 2015 IJSRSET 151474.
  • Monsoon paddy monitoring and assessment using synthetic aperture radar data under BGREI programme in Odisha, India. Dipanwita Haldar , K. R. Manjunath , Sushma Panigrahy , Varunika Jain , R. S. Gopalan , Mukesh Khullar , Manab Chakraborty  and J. S. Parihar.  Paddy and Water Environment 2014.
  • Role of Polarimetric SAR data for discrimination/biophysical parameters of crops based on canopy architecture. ISPRS Archives 2014. Dipanwita Haldar, Manab Chakraborty, K.R. Manjunath and J.S. Parihar.
  • Jute crop discrimination and biophysical parameter monitoring using multi-parametric SAR data in West Bengal, India.2014 In OALib Journal. Dipanwita Haldar, Chakrapani Patnaik and Manab Chakraborty.
  • Analysis of Temporal Polarization Phase Difference for Major Crops in India. Dipanwita Haldar, Anup Das, Manoj Yadav, Ramesh S. Hooda, Shiv Mohan, and Manab Chakraborty. Progress in Electromagnetic Research. (PIER B), 2014. Vol.57, pg. 299-309.
  • Cotton crop classification using multi-date, multi-polarization SAR data in Northern India. Dipanwita Haldar, Manab Chakraborty, Manoj Yadav, Om Pal, and R.S.Hooda. Accepted in International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research (IJAAR).2014
  • Initial results using RISAT-1 C-band SAR data. Manab Chakraborty, Sushma Panigrahy, A. S. Rajawat, Raj Kumar,T. V. R. Murthy, Dipanwita Haldar, Abhisek Chakraborty, Tanumi Kumar, Sneha Rode, Hrishikesh Kumar, Manik Mahapatra and Sanchayita Kundu. Current Science Vol. 104, No.4, Feb, 2013.
  •  Assessment of L-band SAR data at different polarization combinations for crop and other landuse classification. Dipanwita Haldar, Anup Das, Shiv Mohan, Om Pal, R.S. Hooda and Manab Chakraborty. Progress in Electromagnetic Research (PIER B), 2012. Vol.36, pg. 303-321.  ·         Jute and tea discrimination through fusion of SAR and optical data. Dipanwita Haldar, C. Patnaik, Shiv Mohan, and Manab Chakraborty. Progress in Electromagnetic Research. (PIER B), 2012. Vol.39, pg. 337-354.
  • Identification of tall fibre crop (Jute) using multi-temporal Radarsat data in rainfed areas of Eastern Indogangetic plain. Dipanwita Haldar, C. Patnaik, Manab Chakraborty, Aniruddha Paul and N.Kundu. Asian journal of Geoinformatics, 2011. Vol 11, No.3 .
  • Evaluation of Ground Water and Land Resources in relation to landforms in Alwar District (Rajasthan) - A Remote sensing based approach. Dipanwita Haldar, V.K. Sehgal., Gopal Kumar and K.S. Sundara Sarma, Archives of Environmental Science, 2011. Vol 5, 37-45.
  • Characterization of Landform of Alwar District of Rajasthan (India) by deriving and using terrain parameters from DEM by Dipanwita Haldar, Sehgal V.K., Gopal Kumar and Sundara Sarma, K.S. Asian journal of Geoinformatics, Vol 11, No.1, 2011..
  • Synergistic use of Multi-temporal Radarsat SAR and AWiFS data for Rabi rice identification” by Dipanwita Haldar and C. Patnaik. Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing in Mar, 2010, 38:153-160.
  • Signature studies and classification of forest species using hyperspectral data by Dipanwita Haldar, Shiv Mohan and Manab Chakraborty. Journal of Geomatics April 2008.Vol 1. 113-117.
  • Hydro-mechanical properties of recently developed alkaline soils: A case study from Sultanpur village of Gurgaon district, Haryana.  Gopal Kumar, Dipanwita Haldar, K. S. Sunder Sarma, Partha Pratim Adhikari, R. N. Sahoo, Brajendra, D. R. Sena, V. K. Sehgal and A. K. Vishwakarma. Environment and Ecology, 2011.Vol. 29 (1) pg. 322-329.
  • Analysis of decomposition techniques using simulated hybrid-pol S band SAR data 'has been ACCEPTED for inclusion as a oral presentation in the IGARSS 2017 program. Sanid Chirakkal, Dipanwita Haldar, Arundhati Misra,
  • Plant biophysical parameter studies using hybrid polarimetric SAR data in cotton crop. Viral Dave,Dipanwita Haldar, Rucha Dave, Arundhati Misra and Vyas Pandey . Conference Paper in ISRS National Symposium Dec., 2016.
  • Monitoring of paddy biomass under BGREI program using SAR data- a case study in Odisha. Swati Priya and Dipanwita Haldar. Conference Paper in ISRS National Symposium, Dec, 2016
  • Evaluation of Full- Polarimetric parameters for vegetation monitoring in Rabi season by Dipanwita Haldar, K.R. Manjunath , Rucha Dave , Viral Dave , Vyas Pandey, and Arundhati Misra  accepted for the national conference of ISG for oral presentation.
  • ISPRS Symposium Hyderabad: Presented technical paper and participated in 4 days Syposium during 9th -12th December, 2014.
  • Estimation of cotton crop using multidate RISAT-1 SAR data. Rucha Dave, Dipanwita Haldar, K. Manjunath, Viral Dave, Praveen Parmar, Manab Chkraborty and Vyas Pandey International Symposium on “New-Dimensions in Agrometeorology for Sustainable Agriculture (NASA-2014)” Oct.,14-16, 2014. Pantnagar.
  • Evaluation of Full- Polarimetric parameters for vegetation monitoring in Rabi season by Dipanwita Haldar , K.R. Manjunath , Rucha Dave , Viral Dave , Vyas Pandey, and Arundhati Misra submitted for the national conference of ISG.
  • Classification of crops and land use features using multifrequency SAR data. Shiv Mohan, Anup Das and Dipanwita Haldar. Accepted for presentation in APSAR, Sept, 2013
  • Retrieval of Rabi Crops Biophysical Parameter using polarimetric Decomposition. Pooja Rana, Dipanwita Haldar, Manab Chakraborty, Manoj Yadav, Om Pal and R.S. Hooda. Accepted for presentation in ISRS Symposium Dec, 2013.
  • Co-authored the paper “Monitoring and retrieval of vegetation parameter using multi-frequency polarimetric SAR data” by Shiv Mohan, Anup Das, Dipanwita Haldar, Saroj Maity. Presented in APSAR-2011.
  • “Fusion of optical & SAR data and comparison with ENVISAT - ASAR data for major crop-cover separability in North West Bengal, India”. Dipanwita Haldar, C.Patnaik, Shiv Mohan and Manab Chakraborty Presented in ISRS symposium during November, 2011.
  • A research paper titled ‘Identification of cotton crop using Radarsat dual-polarization data’ by Dipanwita Haldar, Shiv Mohan, Om Pal and R.S.Hooda has been presented in Geomatics 2010.
  • “Rice crop identification using dual- polarization C-band data.” by Dipanwita Haldar, C. Patnaik, Shiv Mohan and Manab Chakraborty presented in International conference on Antenna, propagation and Remote Sensing held at Jodhpur during 16th  Dec, 2010 and awarded with best paper award in Open category under the theme Remote Sensing and data processing.
  • The paper titled “Jute identification using multi-temporal Radarsat SAR data” by Dipanwita Haldar and C.Patnaik has been presented in the ISRS symposium held at Ahmedabad during December 18-19, 2008.
  • Best paper award  under the theme Remote Sensing and data processing in ICMARS-2010 for the paper titled “Rice crop identification using dual- polarization C-band data.” by Dipanwita Haldar, C. Patnaik, Shiv Mohan and Manab Chakraborty.
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