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Knowledge Portal


The knowledge portal is an online repository of various learning resources, data, information, software, expert knowledge, case studies and peoples in the field of Remote Sensing and Geospatial technologies. The initial target users of IIRS knowledge portal are user departments and ministries in the government. The IIRS knowledge portal is developed to meet the capacity building requirements of three levels target users:

  • Students and beginners;
  • Working Professionals and Researchers;
  • Decision Makers and Planners.

The knowledge portal is developed based on learning contains created under following major category:

  1. Videos and Multimedia contents;
  2. Active learning contents using e-learning and MOOC;
  3. Online Tutorials and documents;
  4. Research Publications;
  5. Software;
  6. Data and information repositories;
  7. Case studies and success stories;
  8. Knowledge Institutions;
  9. Experts and Researchers.

IIRS knowledge portal is under its beta release. The full version of knowledge portal is in development stage. The beta version of IIRS knowledge portal is available at-