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Phone : +91-135 - 2524105
Fax : +91-135-2741987, +91-135-2748041
Email : raju[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in ,
Designation : Scientist/Engineer - SG
Field of Expertise : Geoinformatics, 3D visualization, Spatial Data Infrastructure and RS policies
Mail Address : Programme Planning and Evaluation Group
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
ISRO, Govt. of India
4, Kalidas Road, PB - 135
Dehradun- 248001 INDIA
  • NRIS Project of Andaman & Nicobar Islands with a special focus on development and management of forest resources(DOS Project)
  • Biodiversity Information System under DOS-DBT National Project
  • Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development for part of the districts of U.P.
  • Consultancy work on ‘Irrigation Command Area Development for Jamuna Command Area in Assam.
  • Health GIS, 3D Visualization, Spatial Data Infrastructure and Remote Sensing Policies
  • Indian Society of Remote Sensing (Life Member)
  • Indian Society of Geomatics (Life Member)
  • Indian Association of soil & Water Conservationists (Life Member)
  • Indian National Cartographic Association (Life Member)
  • B.E. - Civil Engineering 77.7% Mysore University 1984
  • M.Tech - Remote Sensing 73% Anna University 1987
  • Cert. - Geographical Information System ITC, The Netherlands 1995
Present Employment
  • Jan 2011 - Till date Scientist SG
  • July 2004- Dec 2010 Scientist SF
  • July 1998 - June 2004 Scientist SE
  • Jan 1993 - June 1998 Scientist SD
  • April 1988 - Dec 1992 Scientist SC
Previous Employment
  • November 1987 - April 1988 Scientist, Birla Institute of Technology
  • January 1987 - October 1987 Research Associate, Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, Chennai
  • October 1984 - May 1985 Site Engineer, SRKC, Visakha Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam
  • Secretary, ISPRS Technical Commission Working Group VI/4 on “Joint Education Programs for Cross Border Education” 2008 -2012
  • Secretary, Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 2010-12
  • Treasurer, Society of Remote Sensing, 2008-10
  • Project Manager, IIRS EDUSAT Distance Learning Program, one of its kind in India for the first time
  • Project Manager, IIRS-ITC, the Netherlands Joint Education Program
  • Course Director, Master of Science Program in Geoinformatics, IIRS-ITC JEP
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  • Rich experience in capacity building activities at national and International level
  • Responsible to implement EDUSAT based distance Learning Program at University level by training more than 3000 students in three years time
  • Specialized in Geoinformatics Science and conducting Masters programs