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Geoinformatics 2005-2006

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Spatio-Temporal Gradient Modeling Of Land cover Change. Ms.Divyani Kohli Student Thesis
Analysis of External Drift Kriging Algorithm with application to precipitation estimation in complex orography. Mr.Bernard Sharon Majani. Student Thesis
Neighbourhood Correlation Image Analysis Technique for Change Detection in Forest Landscape Ms.R.R.Okhandiar Student Thesis
Dynamic Information Extraction for Rugged Topography from Multi Sensor Satellite Data Mr.Pankaj Kumar Student Thesis
Atmospheric Correction Models for Retrievals of Calibrated Spectral Profiles from Hyperion EO-1 Data Mr.Prashant Kawishwar Student Thesis
Optimization of polarization and incidence angles configuration for estimation of surface roughness in sloping areas using ENVISAT-1 asar data. Mr.Rajiv R. K. Nair Student Thesis
Modeling Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Drought Using Three-Dimensional Markov Random Field Mr.Virat Shukla Student Thesis