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M.Tech 2006-2008

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Geo spatial approach in soil & climatic data analysis for agro-climatic suitability assement of major crops in rainfed agro-ecosystem. Ms.Aditi Sarkar Student Thesis
Geo-environmental Study of Hooghly Estuary Giving Spatial Emphasis on Port and Harbour -Using Geo-Informatics Mr.Anirban Mukhopadhyays Student Thesis
Hydrological modeling using top model in karso watershed Mr.Kumar Abhishek Student Thesis
Macroscale Hydrological Modeling and Impact of landcover change on stream flows of the Mahanadi River Basin Ms.Nidhi Mishra Student Thesis
Study of Intra and Inter annual variability of air sea interaction process over North India Ocean. Mr.Prakash Chandra Mohanty Student Thesis
Light use efficiency and productivity estimation in forests of panna national park, panna district ,MP-a remote sensing and gis approach Mr.Saurabh Varma Student Thesis
Mineral abundance mapping using hyperion dataset in parts of Udaipur (Rajasthan) and Keonjhar (Orissa),India. Mr.Ashok Shekar Student Thesis
Above ground biomass and carbon assessment in forests using high and medium resolution satellite data in panna Taluk, Madhya Pradesh. Ms.Smita Majumdar Student Thesis
Spatio-Temporal variation of soil moisture: Remote sensing approach and hydrologic modeling of solani watershed Ms.Vidhya A. Student Thesis