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Thesis Title Student Name Document Size Language Last updated date
Impact of Coal Mining on Vegetation: A Case Study in Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya, India Kiranmay Sarma View/Download Student Thesis 7.15 MB English Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 14:31
Seismic Response Analysis of Dehradun City, India Rajiv Ranjan View/Download Student Thesis 6.22 MB English Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 14:31
Analysis of Uncertainties In Digital Elevation Models in Flood (Hydraulic) Modelling Shailesh Kumar Singh View/Download Student Thesis 5.66 MB English Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 14:33
Assessment of Land Degradation by integrated Analysis of Spectrally based information and Terrain attributes in Semi-Arid Regions Veerendra Kumar Verma View/Download Student Thesis 3.96 MB English Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 14:36
Salinity Mapping In Coastal Area Using GIS and Remote Sensing Agarwadkar Yogesh Y. Y. View/Download Student Thesis 4.48 MB English Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 14:36
Urban Multi-Hazard Risk Analysis Using GIS and Remote Sensing: A Case Study of a Part of Kohima Town, India Petevilie Khatsu View/Download Student Thesis 6.78 MB English Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 20:02


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