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M.Tech 2012-2014

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Geo-enabled real time emergency response system using open system architecture Akansha Saklani Student Thesis
An algorithm development using agent based modeling and simulation for land use land cover change under geospatial framework Vivek Kumar Singh Student Thesis
3D GIS modeling at semantic level using CITYGML for urban segment Parag Sudhir Wate Student Thesis
Web based utility management using geospatial tools for Dehradun Municipal Corporation V.V.Sai Krishna Student Thesis
PolinSAR based scattering information and physical property retrieval of natural features Unmesh Govind Khati Student Thesis
Synergistic use of space borne LiDAR and high resolution satellite data for mapping above ground forest biomass using different modeling approaches Manoj Semwal Student Thesis
Landscape configuration and thermal environments of central national capital region Amreesh Kaur Bhullar Student Thesis
Integration of computer vision algorithms and GNSS for geo referenced point cloud generation from video Mayank Sharma Student Thesis
3D Geo-data Management and Query Optimization in GeoRDBMS in Multi-User Access vaibhav kumar Student Thesis