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Tender Notices

NIT No/Tender Enquiry No Name of Work/Item Tender Type Notices Corrigendum Due Date
GIPP 2015-000142-01 ALL IN ONE PC Limited PDF icon 2015000142-01.pdf 2015-07-21
GIRS-2014-000141-01 WORKSTATION Limited PDF icon 2015000141-01.pdf 2015-07-21
GIRS-2014-000138-01 DIGITAL CAMERA Limited PDF icon 2015000138-01.pdf 2015-07-21
GIDI-2015000137-01 PRINTING & SUPPLY OF2-D RING BINDER Limited PDF icon 2015000137-01.pdf 2015-07-14
GIDI-2015000136-01 INDEX FILE Limited PDF icon 2015000136-01.pdf 2015-07-16
GIER-2014-000135-01 PH SENSOR , DO- SENSOR Limited PDF icon 2015000135-01.pdf 2015-07-16
GIER-2015-000134-01 PORTABLE VACUUM PUMP Limited PDF icon 2015000134-01.pdf 2015-07-16
GIRS-2015-000131-01 NVIDIA 3D VISION-READY GLASS Limited PDF icon 2014000131-01.pdf 2015-07-14
GIRS-2015-000105-01 FIELD DAT COLLECTING DEVICE Limited PDF icon 2015000105-01.pdf 2015-07-09
GIPP 2015-000096-01 REFRIGERATOR Limited PDF icon 2015000096-01.pdf 2015-07-14
GIER-2014-000398-01 HP LASERJET 500 COLOR PRINTER Limited PDF icon 2014000398-01.pdf 2015-07-14
GIPP 2015-000127-01 ARC FOR SUPPLY OF JUTE BAGS Limited PDF icon 2015000127-01.pdf 2015-07-02
GIRS 2014-000119-01 INCREMENT BORER Limited PDF icon 2015000119-01.pdf 2015-06-30
GIRS 2014-000117-01 LAPTOP Limited PDF icon 2015000117-01.pdf 2015-06-25
GIPP 2015-000087-01 ARC FOR BINDING OF BOOKS Limited PDF icon 2015000087-01.pdf 2015-06-25
GIRS-2015-000112-01 NETWORK DRIVES ENCLOSURES SYSTEM Limited PDF icon 2015000112-01.pdf 2015-06-23
GIPP-2015-000111-01 SUPPLY OF BOOKS Limited PDF icon 2015000111-01.pdf 2015-06-23
IIRS/PandS/MPR-2018 UTENSELS Limited PDF icon 2018.pdf 2015-06-23
GIPP 2015-000036-01 SCANNER Limited PDF icon 201500003601.pdf 2015-06-18
GIRS-2014000105-01 FIELD DATA COLLECTING DEVICE Limited PDF icon 2015000105-01.pdf 2015-06-18