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Tender Notices

NIT No/Tender Enquiry No Name of Work/Item Tender Type Notices Corrigendum Due Date
IIRS/P&S/MPR-1430 XEROX PAPAR REAM Limited PDF icon 1430.pdf 2012-08-16
GIST2012000051-01 SPORTS ITEMS Limited PDF icon 000051.pdf 2012-08-07
GIST2012000079-01 SOLDERING IRON ETC Limited PDF icon 000079.pdf 2012-08-07
GIST2012000081-01 TELEPHONE INSTRUMENT Limited PDF icon 000081.pdf 2012-08-07
GIST2012000082-01 SPLIT AC Limited PDF icon 000082.pdf 2012-08-07
GIST2012000085-01 VIDEO CAPTURE CARD Limited PDF icon 000085.pdf 2012-08-09
GIST2012000087-01 AMC OF CHROMATOGRAPH Limited PDF icon 000087.pdf 2012-08-07
GIST2012000089-01 HARDDISK DRIVE Limited PDF icon 000089..pdf 2012-08-07
IIRS/P&S/MPR-26017 BIODIVERSITY WEBSITE Limited PDF icon 26017.pdf 2012-08-07