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Tender Notices

NIT No/Tender Enquiry No Name of Work/Item Tender Type Notices Corrigendum Due Date
GIER-2015-000198-01 LAPTOP Limited PDF icon 2015000198-01.pdf 2015-09-10
GIER-2015-000174-01 AMC OF MILLIPORE WATER SYSTEM Limited PDF icon 2015000174-01.pdf 2015-09-08
GIER-2015-000139-01 AMC OF TRANSPORTATION Limited PDF icon 2015000139-01.pdf 2015-09-03
GIRS-2015-000194-01 TELEPHONE INSTRUMENTS Limited PDF icon 2015000194-01.pdf 2015-09-01
GIRS-2015-000193-01 INTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE Limited PDF icon 2015000193-01.pdf 2015-09-03
GIDI-2015000192-01 STATIONERY ITEMS Limited PDF icon 2015000192-01.pdf 2015-09-01
GIER-2015-000191-01 U.V. PHOTOMETRIC OZONE Limited PDF icon 2015000191-01.pdf 2015-09-03
GIER-2015-000190-01 GPS ENABLED DIGITAL CAMERA Limited PDF icon 2015000190-01.pdf 2015-09-03
GIRS-2015-000189-01 LIVE LECTURE RECORDING SOFTWARE Limited PDF icon 2015000189-01.pdf 2015-09-03
GIER-2015-000187-01 BENTLEY MICROSTATIN V 8I Limited PDF icon 2015000187-01.pdf 2015-08-27
GIER-2014-000188-01 WORKSTATION Limited PDF icon 2015000188-01.pdf 2015-09-01
GIER-2015-000186-01 INTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE Limited PDF icon 2015000186-01.pdf 2015-08-25
GIPP 2015-000185-01 ALUMINIUM EXTENSION LADDER Limited PDF icon 2015000185-01.pdf 2015-08-27
GIPP 2015-000183-01 SUPPLY OF WELDING MACHINE Limited PDF icon 2015000183-01.pdf 2015-08-27
GIRS-2015-000167-01 NETWORK STORAGE UPGRADATION Limited PDF icon 2015000167-01.pdf 2015-08-25
GIRS-2015-000181-01 22" LCD MONITOR Limited PDF icon 2015000181-01.pdf 2015-08-25
GIER-2015-000180-01 FILTER Limited PDF icon 2015000180-01.pdf 2015-08-25
GIER-2015-000179-01 WATCH & WARD OF RAIN GAUGE Limited PDF icon 2015000179-01.pdf 2015-08-20
GIER-2015-000176-01 AMC FOR CHNS ANALYZER Limited PDF icon 2015000176-01.pdf 2015-08-25
GIER-2015-000175-01 AMC FOR ION CHROMATOGRAPH Limited PDF icon 2015000175-01.pdf 2015-08-20