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Tender Notices

NIT No/Tender Enquiry No Name of Work/Item Tender Type Notices Corrigendum Due Date
GIER-2015-000174-01 AMC FOR MILLIPORE WATER SYSTEM Limited PDF icon 2015000174-01.pdf 2015-08-20
GIER-2015-000173-01 AMC FORSPECTROMETER Limited PDF icon 2015000173-01.pdf 2015-08-20
GIER-2015-000172-01 AMC FOR TOTAL ORGANIC CARBON Limited PDF icon 2015000172-01.pdf 2015-08-20
GIER-2015-000171-01 AMC FOR PRECISION BALANCE Limited PDF icon 2015000171-01.pdf 2015-08-25
GIER-2015-000169-01 NOTE BOOK BATTERY Limited PDF icon 2015000169-01.pdf 2015-08-18
GIER-2015-000166-01 CARBON MONOXIDE ANALYZER Limited PDF icon 2015000166-01.pdf 2015-08-20
GIER-2015-000164-01 EXTERNAL HARD DISK DRIVE Limited PDF icon 2015000164-01_001.pdf 2015-08-11
GIER-2015-000161-01 AUTOCLAVE Limited PDF icon 2015000161-01.pdf 2015-08-13
GIER-2015-000139-01 ARC FOR TRANSPORTATION Limited PDF icon 2015000139-01.pdf 2015-08-11
GIER-2015-000135-01 SENSOR & CALIBRATION KIT Limited PDF icon 2015000135-01.pdf 2015-08-13
GIRS-2014-000155-01 RENEWAL OF MICROSOFT LICENSES Limited PDF icon 2015000155-01.pdf 2015-08-11
GIDI-2015000152-01 STATIONERY ITEMS Limited PDF icon 2015000152-01.pdf 2015-07-30
GIDI-2015000101-01 RECHARGING OF TATA SKY CONNECTION Limited PDF icon 2015000101-01.pdf 2015-07-28
GIER-2014-000139-01 ARC FOR TRANSPORTATION Limited PDF icon 2015000139-01.pdf 2015-07-28
GIER-2014-000139-01 ARC FOR TRANSPORTATION Limited PDF icon 2015000139-01.pdf 2015-07-28
GIPP 2015-000147-01 LAPTOP Limited PDF icon 2015000147-01.pdf 2015-07-28
GIRS-2015-000146-01 LAPTOP Limited PDF icon 2015000146-01.pdf 2015-07-28
GIRS-2014-000145-01 BACKPACK BAGS Limited PDF icon 2015000145-01.pdf 2015-07-21
GIRS-2014-000144-01 SPORTS ITEMS Limited PDF icon 2015000144-01.pdf 2015-07-23
GIER-2014-000143-01 SUN PHOTOMETER Limited PDF icon 2015000143-01.pdf 2015-07-23